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***Nautical Thunder Boating Magazine***

Welcome to Nautical Thunder Magazine

 Nautical Thunder Full Page advertising at a fraction of the cost.

With this type of ad page you have control over your

1. Content

2.  photos

3. events

4.  new sales

5. coupons

6. closeouts

7. specials

8. Switch to MOBILE site

9. whatever you wish it

10. Link to your main page, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, all Social links

What we do is submit it to the world, ad trackback links, and install software which links to many sites,  ad Plugins which ad your posts to many Social web site such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reddit etc.

We take care of search Engine submission and the SEO. We also have Blog submission sofeware which blast out this page to 100′s of sites

 We link this page to your main site or anywhere else you wish while we are building it. After that you take control of the page. We will gurantee at least one million visits a year

Full page Sample ad which is to display what your ad could look like.

These ads are $4000.00 a year versus $36000.00 for a page ad in a print magazine.

Any Boat Manufacture may advertise Full page ads are available for a full year.

 Please email us with any questions you may have. 

 What we need to know is all the URL’s you want us to link to

1.    Facebook

2.    Myspace

3.    Twitter

4.    Linkedin

5.    Your web site address

6.    All other URL’s




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